Hello & welcome to
Happy DayZ
Australias Premium Gaming Community

About us

Happy DayZ Gaming Community was founded by ManicSpy in 2019. He wanted to create a gaming community that was a "Escape" for anyone to play any game that didn't want to deal with toxic behaviour & griefing. Happy DayZ is one of Australia's largest gaming communities that prides itself on these principles.

Game Servers

We host DayZ, Arma III & Minecraft servers. We only use the best performing dedicated servers to provide the best experience for our players.

Active Admins

Our team of admins are very active and are always here to help you in-game or on our Discord server.

Friendly Community

We have a great community here at Happy DayZ, We pride ourself on providing a toxic free environment for all our players.

Weekly Events

We host weekly events on a dedicated event server for our players. Keep your eyes peeled on Discord as we host random mini events.

Our DayZ Servers

To join our servers open your DayZ Launcher, Navigate to "SERVERS" then select "COMMUNITY" and search "HappyDayZ" and join one of our servers.

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Join our Discord Server!

Donate To Happy DayZ

Your Donations are greatly appreciated, They go towards the server costs and providing new content for the servers.


  • Priority Support
  • Discord Supporter Role
  • Access to Happy DayZ Merch

Once you donate dont forget to check out the #♥-happydayz-merch-♥ channel in Discord!

When you spawn in you will receive 10,000 Rubles. You can spend your money at one of our traders.
No we are currently not running the DayZ Expansion.
No they do not, Vanilla cars spawn with a few missing parts. If you find a fully built car it belongs to someone.
You can make money by Hunting, Fishing, Gardening, Looting, etc.
Ask anyone for help, All of our players are more then willing to help each other, If your problem cannot be resolved then feel free to contact an admin by opening a ticket in Discord.